He, who, shy and blushing, just a boy. Wrapped his hands around his girl, just when a stranger passed an unwanted comment. Later that day, her eyes noticed, the hidden rageful man in him. :’)


Karma Is A Bitch

He had a doll in his childhood,he used to punch that doll hard whenever he is bored and laugh, 10 years after,after having all the
heartbreaks, betrayal, hatred, when he looks in the mirror,
Even fate can’t spot the difference between that doll and him that day. :’) “Karma is a bitch.” his doll smirked


Who Is He?

Who is he? do read. :’) People hated him, He was judged, all broken. Failure he is called, judgmental asshole he is called, but trust me, he is a good guy, you can trust me on that, he will never hurt you. One day, his love One, called him ‘failure’. He just, smiled, crying inside. History repeats, he used to hear. He laughed at his fate, fate haha, fate can just play it’s game. His world was shattered again, he who has a broken heart now, His Friends were the broken pieces, ever then and now. He still believes in spreading smiles, because, he know, no body lives making enemies. He is aimless, his scars is just craving for a tight hug, you know, it can heal him. Guys, no one is failure, untill you call yourself one. Even though now, he is judged, and he will be. But he won’t care, simply because When he look a couple making love, Someone promising to be forever with their loved ones. please, forget the hatred, please love the broken heart, People who crave for love is often judged as desperate.
A normal guy, high on the idea of love. He could be a player too, he could be a stud too, he could any night if he wanted, But, he adore soul rather than body.
If that makes one desperate, I am desperate. Never judge, some one want love. Never, ever. :’)

Just Then, he fell in love with her, She, who, calmed his demon. He started caring, he started loving again, she taught an emotionless monster, to love again. He looks in the mirror, staring at what he has become. What he used to be, and what he has become in the past time. There was surely something wrong with him. His hair were done. His beard was well trimmed. His clothes were proper. His face had a different charm.
He looked a different person altogether. Yes, he was in love ❤

Who is he? Think, answer, if it’s you, wonder why I know so much about you. Wonder. Because, I am a real person. I am just another Person in your news feed, But, I am someone, who knows you, I can catch your fake smile, I can catch where you are lying. I can love you, even though I hate myself. :’)anonymous


Faults!!! o.O

She had a fancy life
Mine was screwed all the tyme.
She was this much famous
I was a nobody
She had this much needs.
All i need was SHE
She wanted time for her
My schedule was hectic and busy.
We laughed
We partied
We fly
We cared
In this time i fall for her..
She didnt even tried..

She wanted friends
I wanted more than friends.
We argued
We cry
Now we barely talk

Dusk And Dawn!!!


Some things just don’t seem the way
they do
One day you tell me I love you and only
I wake up to find out it was a dream
You’re telling me you hate me, you’re
leaving me
People change everything changes
We go from best friends then become
We go from seeing each other everyday
Farewell to never seeing your face